Day Four

My liver hurts.

I’m not sure if I’ve slept funny or if it’s payback by my body for the McDonalds I’d had last night… not sure, but it sure as hell hurts this morning.

You may wonder how on earth a Liver can hurt – well, when you have a nice fatty liver like yours truly – you find out through ultrasounds that it’s really, really swollen.  Isn’t that awesome >.<

Not so much…. incase you missed the sarcasm with that one.  It sucks – and really there’s nothing I can do about the pain until it just goes away on it’s own.  It flairs up every now and then and since I’m trying to get on track and eat better – less processed take out – that this fatty liver will basically heal itself.  Fingers crossed.  As a side-effect of a fatty liver is non-alcoholic cirrhosis.  Nice eh.  If I leave things the way they are – I’m sure I’ll get that (since I’m not know to get “lucky” with any diagnosis).

So that’s what I’m working with today… a wonky liver that is bound and determined to make my day annoying.

Good times.

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