Day Two

I’m contemplating on whether or not I’ll be writing here everyday – because apart from myself I don’t know who else reads my blog, but I don’t really want to go about boring you with my “what am I going to eat today” and the photos that come along with it.  I personally enjoy reading blogs about food and people like me taking snapshots of their meals.  Yes – I’m one of them!  Since it’s my blog – I guess I can do what I like :P

After my pizza debacle last night (it could have been worse) I am hoping to get back on track with supper tonight.  Hopefully not a lot of “after work” stuff that needs doing – and we can finally get the Christmas tree decorated (do you think I’ve left it too long lol).  Ah yes, I’ve never been overly “on top of things” around the house and when holidays come and go – I’m usually scrambling to get things done.  Hopefully in the new year I’ll manage to keep my shit together and get stuff done when it needs to be.

So I managed to keep it together pretty well up until about 5pm.  I went out with the Hubby to get some groceries and on the way back I just felt horrible.  I felt like I was going to throw up… ugh.  I was thinking maybe it’s because I was hungry that it turned into this horrible feeling – well, when I got home I snacked on some beef jerky before supper and started to feel better (booo to hunger!) and supper was hoovered…. I was HUNGRY.  We had a dinner special that the grocery store was running, which was a rotisserie chicken, 2 salads (I picked up potato salad and a coleslaw) and garlic breadsticks.

Did I eat too much – yes.  Do I need to try to wrangle what I eat throughout the day – yes.

It’s a work in progress…. what can I say.


Calories Carbs
Totals 2,127 190
Your Daily Goal 1,340 168
Remaining -787 -22
Calories Carbs

If every day were like today…   You’d weigh 254.9 lbs in 5 weeks

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